Local NETS


2 meter Nets

Adams Co. RACES Net 146.970-  PL97.4 Mondays 8pm

Adams Co. ARES Net 443.725+ Saturdays 9:30pm

Allen Co. ARES Net 146.940-  PL141.3 Tuesdays 9pm

Blackford ARC Net 146.655- PL141.3 Wednesdays 8:30pm

Cass Co. ARES Net 147.180+ PL173.8 Thursdays 8:30pm

Dekalb Co. ARES Net 147.015+ Saturdays 7pm

Fort Wayne Radio Club Nets : 

-Help and Swap Net 146.940 PL 141.3 Wednesdays 9 pm

 -Area Student Net 146.910 PL 141.3 Wednesday 9 pm

 -No-Name Net 1,265 MHz cross-band link to 146.910 PL 141.3 Sundays & Wednesdays 8:30pm
-YL Net 146.760 PL 141.3 Wednesdays 7 pm 

Grant Co. Net 146.790- PL131.8 Sundays 9:00pm

Huntington Co. Emergency Net 146.685- PL141.3 Saturdays 8pm

Huntington Co. Simplex Net 146.460 First Saturday 7:30pm

IMO 2 Meter Net 146.880- Daily 6:30pm

Kosciusko County Net 146.985- PL141.3 Wednesdays 7pm

Miami Co. ARC Net 147.345+ PL88.5 Sundays 7:30pm

NE Indiana Packet Net (NEIPN) 145.530 1200 bps Sundays 9pm

Tri State 2 Meter Net 147.015+ Daily 7pm

Wabash Co. ARES Net 147.030+ PL131.8 Mondays 7pm

Whitley Co. ARES Net 145.270 - PL131.8 Wednesdays 8pm

Whitley Co. Simplex Net 146.490 3rd Wed. after ARES Net

Miami County ARES Net 147.345+ PL131.8 Mondays 8pm

1.25 Meter Nets

 FW224 Net 224.780 -1.6Mhz offset, Mondays 8pm

70 cm Nets

Whitley Co. ARC Sunday Night Net 444.550+ PL131.8 Sundays 8pm

6 Meter Nets

Fort Wayne  50.580 FM Net Wednesdays 8pm 

Fort Wayne  50.580 SSB Tuesdays 8pm

Fort Wayne  50.580 AM Thursdays 8pm